What is the 30 date challenge?

The 30 date challenge is my personal project: I need to meet 30 interesting people and go out on a date with them. Any activity is permitted, as long as it is something we do together and we get to talk and get to know one another.

The rules
– I need to have one date per week minimum.
– I can not go on a date with a person that I already have been on a date with, or that I already know.
– I need to write a post about the experience afterwards.
– I need to inform my dates about the challenge before I ask them.
– I can not repeat the same activity (with the exception of cooking at home, but then I can’t repeat a dish) I removed this rule because it wasn’t working out for me.

For fun. I like challenges and games, and I like meeting new people. I also like to write, and I think it will a fun exercise to see if I can entertain 30 people, and then write posts about them that are interesting to read.

I put quite some thought into creating the rules. The main goal is to push myself. 30 seemed like a big enough number for it to be outrageously hard.

The date log is there so I have something tangible afterwards. In addition, I do not think I can come up with 30 original ideas for dates by myself. I am kind of hoping to get ideas and suggestions from the people reading the blog.

To clarify: I am not looking for a relationship. I am not ready for one right now, anyway. I just want to meet new and interesting people, and doing this project seemed like a great and fun way of doing exactly that.



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