Final post – retrospective

It has been a crazy couple of months and a lot of dates! It has been an amazing journey and I still can’t believe that it is over and that I made it. I want to thank everyone who participated or showed me support. Thanks to all of you who told me you liked the project or the blog. I really appreciate it.

I will try and address the most common questions I got.

What will you do next?
I have no idea yet. For now I will chill out a bit. I have been postponing a few tasks because I was too busy with the project. It is time for me to catch up.

Did it go the way you expected it to?
Not at all. Most of the time I had no idea if I would get another date in time. I had to constantly try new activities and find new ways of meeting people. It was fun but also exhausting.

I had anticipated I would invite people over to cook for them but that turned out to not be very practical. I ended up mostly doing restaurant dates because it provides a nice neutral place to meet a relative stranger.

The blog was also a lot more popular than I anticipated. I almost reached 2000 unique visitors in total. I guess I underestimated people’s curiosity. I tried really hard to keep the content fresh which is harder than it sounds when you are essentially doing the same thing thirty times and then writing about it. Thank you for reading, every one of you.

What did you learn?
I learned that it definitely pays to get out of your comfort zone and explore other ways of doing things. I had a lot of fun, met a lot of interesting people and made plenty of new friends.

Where did you meet these women?


  • Through Salsa: 12
  • Through Tinder: 8
  • Through friends: 6
  • Others (bars, Facebook): 4

How long did it take?
It took me exactly 5 months, so about twenty weeks. I did miss one week due to someone cancelling on a Sunday, but other than that I reached my target of “at least one every week”.

Where there any second dates? Do you stay in touch?

Yes, plenty. They weren’t part of the project so I did not write about them but I have tried to keep in touch with a lot of my dates.

Out of 30 dates:

  • Friends (made followup plans or stayed in touch otherwise): 12
  • Casual friends (Exchanged contact info): 11
  • No longer in touch: 7

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