Date #30!

I still can’t believe I made it. Obviously after twenty dates or so I had the feeling I would, yet most of the time I had no idea if I would be able to get a date for the next week. I will write a full retrospective later.

I met my last date in Bachata class. We have danced on occasion but never got past the occasional chit-chat. I told her about the project and she agreed to be my 30th date. I wanted to do something special for this one, so I invited her over and cooked us some food. I usually don’t invite my dates over to my place because most women will think twice before accepting an invite to a stranger’s home like that. Fortunately we have gotten to know each other a bit since I asked her and we get along pretty well so I figured this would be a nice way of ending the project in style.

This was also the weekend of the outdoor salsa party in Leuven, which was pretty amazing. The weather was great and loads of excellent dancers showed up. Both me and her where there and stayed until it closed. It was a lot of fun but also terribly exhausting. I still have insomnia and I was coming down with some kind of allergy or a cold. As a result I only managed to get a couple of hours of sleep in. By noon I felt terrible. I managed to get a quick nap in, which kind of helped. Unfortunately I overslept so I spent the last hour fixing the dish and throwing it into the oven and cleaning up my kitchen, which looked like a war zone at this point. It had been a while since I cooked for more than one person.

My date arrives just a few minutes late (which allows me to get some extra cleaning in). The weather is lovely and I decide to serve the food in the garden. She texts me that she has arrived and I go outside to point her to my parking spot. As I am waiting for her to park, the wind causes the front door to close, locking me out. Well it is typically me to start off a date like that.

I end up going around the back and retrieving my spare key. We start off with sodas and get to know each other a bit. She recently got out of a relationship and is trying to get back out there. I can relate to that. I serve the food but neither of us are very hungry. The dish turned out all right: I went for a casserole with sweet potatoes and a lot of veggies, topped with cheese and sausage. In retrospect it would probably have benefited from a few more minutes in the oven. Maybe next time I will get it exactly right.

After a while the insects cause us to move back inside. Both of us are still in a post-party high from yesterday: we are tired but eager for more dancing and the atmosphere is relaxed. I have no trouble putting her at ease and we get to know each other some more. She is stunningly beautiful with a good sense of humor. She is a lot of fun to hang with and I am having a great time.

It is time to leave for the party in Brussels and we decide to take the free class that is included in the entry fee. It turns out to be a beginner salsa class which is a bit basic but fun nonetheless. The party is fun and we end up dancing for hours. She is a lot of fun to dance with and as we are on the floor together I realize that this journey is almost over and I could not have found a better way to end it. I am clearly not the only one who thinks my date is beautiful. Men keep walking up to her and asking her to dance. This is a common thing at salsa parties but in this place I have never had a guy walk up to us and ask my partner when we were sitting and talking. I have been here before with a fair bunch of other women but this is a first for me.

As the evening progresses both of us are getting tired and we call it a night. I spent almost twenty hours dancing this weekend and am exhausted but very satisfied. It has been a great weekend that culminated in an awesome date.

Food: Homemade oven casserole with a mix of veggies and sausage. Cost was around €25. It serves five, because I suck at estimating reasonable portion sizes from an ingredient list.

Dancing: La Tentation again. The level of the dancers was noticeably lower this time. It is still a great place to dance: the atmosphere and the music were very good.


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