Date #28

This is another Tinder date. I read on her profile that she enjoys dancing and we had a conversation about it. She invited me to come to La Tentation that evening, a salsa club in Brussels which was a bit awkward because I already planned on going there that day with someone else. I did end up seeing her there and I asked her out for drinks and dancing in Brussels the week after.

I arrive early and take some time walking the streets there and enjoying the view. Brussels is a bit of an enigma to me. It is a mix of old and new and it is terribly disorienting to walk through its streets. Every time you turn a corner you have no idea what to expect. It combines large streets with small alleys and every type of architecture imaginable.

I find her and we start talking. She works at the EU and has traveled a lot. She loves to dance and has a lot of experience in different styles. We talk a lot about dancing etiquette and the difference between dancing Brussels and Leuven. When I dance I always make my partner’s comfort and safety a priority: I am leading so I decide where she goes. From that it follows that it is my responsibility if she bumps into someone or something. She has noticed that when we danced the week before and mentions that is not as common as I thought it was. I am sad to say she is right. There are plenty of leaders who will grab a partner and push people aside to make room for them on the dance floor and then pay no heed to their surroundings. I have seen leaders who will just lead their partner into tables or other couples without even a single “sorry”.

There is also a huge difference between the dancers in Leuven and the ones in La Tentation. For example: plenty of women I have danced with there will look away from you while they are dancing. I don’t know why they do it but it definitely is a thing there and I have never seen it happen anywhere else. The high level dancers don’t, it is just the average ones. I find it very off-putting to dance with someone who is ostentatiously looking away from me and almost instantly regret asking them. I am not even sure why they do it. Maybe the guys there are really bad at taking “no” for an answer and women feel like they have to give me at least one dance. That would suck. Personally I would much prefer someone to decline so I can find someone who actually wants to dance with me.

We head to the club to dance and turns out to be a lot of fun. She knows plenty of people there so I leave her to it and ask other women to dance, coming back on occasion to ask her. I realise we have never gotten past the chit-chat and I have failed to really get to know her. I don’t mind that much: I am having fun dancing and we did have a nice conversation. After the last fiasco with Tinder this was refreshing. Another fun date down, only two to go!

Drinks: a few cafés in Brussels

Dancing: La Tentation, Brussels. Latin bar with a huge dance floor and a very nice atmosphere. The overall level of dancers varies a lot. There are plenty of beginners, some exceptional high level dancers and a lot of people in between. It’s Brussels so most people speak french only. Not that it matters much while dancing!


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