Date 27

Another Tinder date! After a bit of back-and-forth on Tinder I invited her to try Moroccan cuisine in Leuven. We met up nearby and made our way to the restaurant. I had a date here before so I know the food will be great.

As we sit down she mentions she has never tried Moroccan before and starts studying the menu. I ask about her hobbies and she tells me she has none. Usually she comes home and walks her dog. I inquire about her job but she is clearly not very passionate about that either. So I start talking about myself but she is not very interested in that either.

This is the first date were I have to struggle to keep a conversation going. Whenever I take a bite of my lovely food there is silence. I keep fishing for anything she actually cares about but come up empty. I consider breaking that fourth wall and asking her about the silence. Maybe I am not what she imagined? Maybe she had other expectations? I decide against it. If she is not comfortable with me now, I doubt asking her about her uncomfortableness is going to improve things at all. It also clearly seems like it is her problem because on my previous 26 dates this did not happen.

I am not sure what could cause a person to be this dispassionate and distant. The first thing that comes to mind is that she simply does not like me. It is definitely possible but not something I can fix. I consider other explanations like depression or a social disorder. None of them seem likely. After our meal we have a quick tea and call it a day. At least I still can make it to my dance class.

I guess I was lucky to have all those consecutive good dates. This was the first actual bad experience so far. It does makes me appreciate all the other ones so much more, so there is that. You can’t get lucky every time. I won’t be using Tinder again though. There are definitely interesting people on there but it is hard to filter correctly because they give you so little information.

Food: another meal at Touareg. Excellent food as always.


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