Date #26

I am skipping over #24 and #25 because they were rather short and not particularly writeup-worthy.

This date was in Aarschot. My date did not live close by and we agreed to meet there. It made for quite an interesting change of scenery.

I find my date at the restaurant and we order some food. It is a very cosy place with a nice view. After some initial trepidation on her side I manage to put her at ease and get to know her. She is a single mom with two kids that she has every other week. I have been meeting a lot of single moms recently. Most of them are courageous women who try to balance kids with work and finding some time for hobbies and a social life. My date is no exception. From the way she speaks you can tell she had been living on auto-pilot for a while until the illusion of happily-ever-after was no longer sustainable. I can definitely relate. She clearly regrets giving up her studies to work in her husband’s company when they both were young. Now in her mid-thirties she is going back to school to become a nurse.

I am impressed. As much as I like learning new skills, I don’t think I would want to go back and redo my education. We talk about relationships and kids and it is clear she loves hers a lot. She does mention that she loves her alone-time too. I can imagine, with a tiny apartment full of kids I would probably enjoy every bit of peace and quiet I could get.

She is also trying to reinvent herself a bit. The last few years her life was all work and raising kids and now she suddenly has time on her hands and needs to figure out what she wants to do with it. Her husband was the dominant kind and now that she gets to decide everything by herself she seems unused to it. I can definitely relate to that, too.

We end up taking a walk through the city in search of another bar for drinks. The weather is pretty good and we enjoy the scenery while we talk. She seems to prefer more adventurous experiences and I remember a bungee jump picture on her profile. That is definitely still on my bucket list, I might actually consider that for my last date if I can find it somewhere nearby.

Another lovely evening spent in good company!

Food: Hertogensmolens in Aarschot. Nice atmosphere, great view. The food was a bit weird: I had a steak that was excellent but it came with terrible undercooked fries and very little else. I don’t see how you can be able to cook an expensive steak to perfection but then mess up something as simple and ubiquitous as fries.


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