Date #23

This was by far the easiest date to arrange. A woman contacted me on Facebook in response to the blog. We quickly arranged a dinner date in Via Via which is very close to my house. I wish it would always go this smooth.

When I arrive my date is already seated and we get to talking. She is confident and very open and the atmosphere is relaxed. We talk about dating and the project. She is a single mother who is raising two children on her own. She has a job that pays well but wants to start something on her own.

I can’t help but admire her ambition and drive. Combining a full time job with being a single mother for two young children sounds hard enough. She seems to find time for it while also preparing for that job switch and finds time to be here with me.

We end up having a very nice dinner and I agree to take her dancing at some point. I keep meeting all kinds of interesting people through this project. I hope that lucky streak lasts until the end!

Food: Dinner at Via Via in Heverlee. It was around €13 for the food. They tend to have very exotic dishes from all over the world. The selection is very limited but they rotate dishes a lot and the food is always very tasty.



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