Date #22

I have been experimenting a bit with different date formats. I took someone to see a play and I tried asking my dates what they wanted to do. This resulted in interesting experiences and fun activities. None could qualify as dates since I did not get to know the other party very well. I am going to stick to dinner dates for the remainder of the project. I will plan other activities for followup dates if and when they happen.

I agreed to meet my date in Brussels for drinks. She turned out to be a very interesting person. She has lived abroad for years, volunteering for different organisations in different countries. We walk around Brussels and soak up the atmosphere and the lovely weather. There is a jazz festival happening and we try and pick up some of that as well. Eventually we settle down for drinks and get to talking.

She seems bored with life in Brussels. She has been teaching dutch to expats in Brussels for years and she feels she has been tied down too long here. She wants to move on to something exciting and new. She is clearly an adventurous person with a very interesting life.

We end up going for food and sit down to talk. We end up discussing the usual topics. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. We have mutual friends and some common interests. I dance Bachata which originated in the Dominican Republic and she has actually lived there and danced it with the locals. We also discuss Belgian mentality versus the mentality of people who were not born here. I need to run because I am running late for a dance class.

The date itself was fairly short but a lot of fun. I guess I am lucky: I keep running into cool people with rich lives.

Food: Things I grabbed at the Exki buffet. I forgot what the price exact price was, sorry. Exki is a healthy/organic fast food place. It is a very popular and trendy place that sells organic and healthy fast food. It caters to hipsters and is fairly expensive. The food is premade but pretty tasty and we got some very nice seats with a good view on the top floor.



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