Another milestone down: twenty dates!

I have been trying a lot of different channels to meet new people. I have tried bars. I have tried Tinder (which I still hate with a passion). I have tried picking up a few new hobbies to widen my horizons and meet new people. The project requires a steady influx of new acquaintances. I met this woman on Tinder and she expressed interest in dinner and dancing and we decided to meet up to do just that.

Tinder dates are different from my traditional ones. When I ask someone face-to-face I can explain the project a whole lot better. Communication through texts feels stunted in comparison.

She arrives and we get stuck in the awkward “getting to know you” phase. She seems a bit nervous and insecure, probably because she doesn’t know what to expect. I can’t really blame her. I do not know what to expect from her either.

I am nervous myself because I am trying to change the format. I intend to take her dancing and I still have no idea if that will be fun for both of us. I know she arranged a babysitter just so she could be here and I would feel terrible if she does not have a good time tonight.

The restaurant I picked out is not helping either. It is a pasta place and they have pasta and wine and not much else. The dish itself is quite good but the atmosphere is not. We agree to go for drinks before dancing so we try a café close to the dance place.

It turns out to be an incredibly weird place: it is crammed into a small street corner with room for barely a dozen people. I think there are 3 tables in total and the entire thing is decorated like someone’s living room in the 50s. We continue the conversation and I finally manage to get her guard down so we can open up and connect. She has had an interesting life so far and she is making the best out of the situation. It turns out I forgot to tell her about the blog. I offer to skip the report this time but she is a good sport about the whole thing.

I take her dancing and teach her how to dance Bachata. It takes her very little time to grasp the concepts and make it work. I am impressed. It took me tons of classes to get there and it took her like three dances. Eventually we move to a regular dance and spend the rest of the night dancing. I can see why she wanted to come and do this: she is good at it and she clearly loves to dance. We definitely will be doing this again some time.

Food: Il pastaio. The service was quite nice but they only have pasta and wine. The price was around €20.


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