Date #19

This is the first time I go on a date with a Mexican woman! I had selected a restaurant in advance but they did not take reservations and were full so we ended up walking through Leuven to find us a good place to eat. We end up at a Morrocan restaurant and get to talking. She asks about the project and wants to know how relationships work in Europe versus Latin culture. We end up discussing relationships across cultural boundaries and the differences in courting and expectations. It is quite insightful. Her experience with Leuven is completely different from what my previous dates told me. She feels completely safe and secure around here. Then again when you come from a city with actual drug cartel violence, you probably have a bit of a different perspective.

When we go for drinks the waiter recognizes me and has my drink ready for me. He is clearly a bit baffled because he has seen me there with a lot of different women in the last month, including yesterday’s date. I make a mental note to take my next date here too, just to mess with him. A bunch of teenage girls is getting cocktails near us and they are clearly having fun. As time passes their voices get louder and higher pitched to the point where me and my date can’t even understand each other any more. We flee to a nearby café and get a drink there.

My date is very talented with a wide array of interests and an interesting career path. We talk about our careers and hobbies extensively. We are clearly enjoying each others company but I have to cut it short because I had promised a friend I would take her dancing so we end up walking together and then saying our goodbyes. Another fun date!

Food: Tajine at Koutoubiya at around €23. This is another Morrocan restaurant with a large selection of dishes. Both me and my date thought the dishes were a bit too meaty and would have preferred a bit more vegetables in the Tajine. The dish was still pretty good though. DSC_0037


7 thoughts on “Date #19

  1. I really like to read your blog, but it is still kind of repetitive: you go to a restaurant, talk about jobs and hobbies, then go to drink something and talk a little further. We already know you go and eat something and talk, you dont really have to tell that to us anymore, I think. What I’d like to know, is the experience you had with the date. Tell us the things you’ve learned: did your view on certain themes change? For instance, on relationships, on a certain job, certain hobby? Was the date how you had expected it? How did you ask her? What’s her character like? I’m just giving some ideas to make the blog maybe a bit more exciting, but I still enjoy reading it!
    (Sorry if I made any mistakes, English is not my native language.)


    1. Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you like the blog! I am aware of the repetition and have been considering ways to keep the posts interesting.

      I think I will take your advice and focus more on the “getting the date” part because that changes every week as I keep cycling through all possible channels to get to know more people to date. This takes quite a bit of time and is what the challenge is about. Having fun on the actual date is not the hard bit.

      I am bit hesitant to talk openly about the women I date because I need to respect their privacy. I can probably go a bit further than I have so far.

      I also have been hesitant to speak about things I do not like. Not that any dates were disappointing, quite the contrary 🙂 I will experiment with bending my self-imposed limitations a bit and see if I can keep the content fresh that way.

      And your English is fine, I would not worry about it 🙂


  2. As a challenge for your next blogpost, try to do the following:
    – Write only about what was different from previous dates.
    – Try to capture your feelings about the date, not the objective facts.
    – If you are going to stick to the same activities, do not write them down every time, only when something differs significantly.


  3. Thanks for your feedback Jessy, but your comments are becoming repetitive. Try to do the following:
    – change the tone. You are commenting on a stranger’s blog and telling them what to do. That is considered pretty rude.
    – try to change the content a bit between posts. Maybe next time you can criticize my grammar, or suggest alternative wordings?

    Seriously though: could you be more civil in your posts? It do appreciate feedback but I would prefer to keep it constructive.


    1. My apologies! I was too direct, but I only wanted to give you some help to break repetition like Charlotte suggested.

      Do not get me wrong, I am impressed by your efforts to meet so many people in little time and write enthusiastically about it.


      1. Thanks. I do agree with with what you are saying about the repetition. I did already try to change it somewhat on the next post and I might alter it more in the future. But first I need to find more dates!


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