Date #18

It had been a long day at work and I barely got any sleep. I only managed to get four hours in due to stress and the neighbors having some kind of late night party. I was tired and had a headache, clearly not the best state of mind for a date.

Yet as I cycle to the restaurant and the great weather invigorates me. I enter the restaurant to check on my reservation and proceed to go outside to catch some more sun while I wait for my date. A bit of fresh air and some sun can work wonders. I am already looking forward to this date. When she arrives we enter and start talking.

I know her from Salsa parties but have never had more than a passing conversation with her. It is the nature of those parties: you only have time for smalltalk between dances. Any serious conversation is impossible because women can get whisked away at any time for a dance. We discuss the usual: jobs and hobbies, present and past. She is a bit apprehensive at first but the atmosphere quickly settles on casual and relaxed.

We have danced together on occasion but never really took the time to get to know each other. She is tall, attractive and a bit shy. We get past the initial awkwardness pretty quickly, within minutes she is joking around. I forgot to take a picture of the food again, always a sign of an enthralling conversation.

It is always interesting how other people’s experiences of the same events differ from your own. Today is no exception. I know most of the women at Salsa parties because I dance with them, my interaction with most guys is usually limited to a respectful nod or a quick hi. For her it is the other way around. I find out a lot more about the men there. Most of it is not pretty.

I notice a pattern here. My last date also complained about men treating her with very little respect. This time it hits a bit closer to home: I know these guys. Or at least I thought I did. I believe there are not that many fundamental differences between men and women, but the way the world treats you depends an awful lot on your gender.

We talk about lots of other topics. The conversation flows well and times flies by. We ask for the check and finish up with drinks. We end up talking for hours without me even noticing. I offer to walk her home and we enjoy the great weather, strolling through the city center. I only realize how late it is when I get home: it is after midnight. I had a great time.

Food: Sushi – 2 man boat at Wabi Sabi Sushi in Munstraat. €27 each. No picture, sorry. One of the many excellent Sushi places in Leuven. Service was friendly but a bit slow.


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