Date #15 – Halfway there!

I have been experimenting with different methods to get dates. So far I have mostly asked people I met, face-to-face. It works well and I like the format, but I am running out of people I have not asked yet.

That is why I have been experimenting with Tinder. It is a matchmaking app, which shows you pictures of people in your vicinity that also have it installed. You get to select “Yes” or “No”. If one of those people saw your picture and approved it too, you get to talk to them through (awkward) text message. I absolutely hate the format. All you really get evaluated on is the one picture, which it will pull from your Facebook profile.

I don’t get to be picky though: I have a quota to meet. I talked to a woman who sounded interesting and asked to meet up. She agreed and I picked a nice Italian restaurant. I did not mention the date challenge on Tinder so I intend tell her about it face to face.

We meet up and find us a nice place. She is about my age, divorced with kids around the same age as my sister’s. We spend the evening getting to know one another. I need to do very little to put her at ease.

Even with fourteen dates behind me, this part never becomes routine. I love getting to know people and this is no exception. She is fun to talk to and quick to laugh with a honest mirthful smile. We talk about hobbies and jobs. She is looking for work at the moment. It must be hard to combine a role as caregiver for two kids with looking for a job and still finding the time for hobbies or dates. I have a lot of respect for that.

My own efforts to get back in shape and have hobbies and a social life and an interesting job have pretty much required 100% of the time and energy I have available. I could never balance that with being responsible for kids half the time.

After the food I pick out a new bar for drinks. Time flies by as we discuss looking for a job, maintaining friendships and dating at our age. It turns out we have mutual acquaintances: she had heard of me before without making the connection. The world is quite small after all.

When we call it a night I realise I really enjoyed myself. I am halfway through the challenge and decide I will be writing a “looking back” post about the whole experience.

Food: Sea bass at Pepenero, around €23. Pepenero is massively popular and with good reason. I really recommend the restaurant in general and this dish in particular.

Drinks: regular drinks at Lapaz, Hooverplein.



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