Date 9!

Sorry for the delay in writing. I have had a pretty busy week.

I usually try to space out the dates evenly but that does not always work. The people I date are apparently quite busy. That is why I had three dates in three consecutive days. The dates themselves were a lot of fun, but writing three reports in a row is a bit much. It took me a bit longer.

I know this woman from a Bachata dance class. I asked her on a date about three weeks ago and we finally managed to find a time that would suit us both. I had decided on taking her to this place I know that has awesome tuna burgers. She had mentioned being a bit nervous about the whole concept but she was willing to give it a shot.

We start by talking about jobs as usual. She has had quite an interesting career so far. We chat about relationships and dating and about trying new things. She appears confident and independent and I am enjoying our date. I actually managed to take a picture this time: the food was pretty good. I guess that was to be expected: I knew what I was getting this time. We go for drinks after.

After a bit of serious conversation I try to entertain her with a few fun anecdotes from my past. I take pride in having an open mind and in being interested in new experiences. I have gotten in a lot of unusual situations as a result and they tend to make for amusing stories. She enjoys those and responds in kind with her tales of her own adventures. I am not used to being one-upped: I am starting to like this woman.

With all this working/dating/dancing/gym I have quite a busy schedule. It works for me and is nice and productive. It also is very predictable at this point. Maybe I should set some time aside for “doing random and spontaneous things that will make a good story afterwards”. I am fully aware of the irony of planning “spontaneous things”. I still think I should.

She mentioned she was on foot so I offer to walk her home. We spend another twenty minutes walking through Leuven to get to her place. A nice ending to another lovely date!


Food: Tuna burger at Dijlemolens, around €20 each. I really like these, I don’t think you can get them anywhere else in Leuven.

Drinks: regular drinks at Bar Del Sol. Regular pub that also sells tapas and some food. Quite a nice atmosphere. They need a new website though, their current one is plain horrible.


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