Date 7

As I am waiting for my date to arrive, I consider my decision to try and increase the date frequency to two a week. I still have no idea if I will manage to find that many people to go on dates with. It probably means I will have to branch out more and try some new things. I hope that works out.

She arrives and we decide to get a communal Tajine with chicken. We talk about our lives and jobs a bit and get to know one another. We briefly discuss our work and then move on to hobbies. We get along really well and the conversation flows smoothly. It took quite a while for the food to arrive. Neither of us seemed to mind which is definitely a good sign. Both of us dance salsa so the conversation starts there. She mentions that I am a good dancer and is surprised to find out that none of it came naturally to me.

I remember going to my first few classes and realizing just how bad I was at it. I saw a lot of people picking up the moves a lot quicker than I could. It was a humbling experience, but I decided I wanted to find out if I could actually pick up a completely new skill if I put my mind to it. It turned out I could. It just took a whole lot of dedication and time. It was definitely worth it.

I mention that I have the habit of finding something I like and then working hard to get better at it. She asks me what other things I put my mind to, so I take a trip down memory lane with her. I go over the things that have piqued my interest over the years.

I used to play Magic (a strategical card game, roughly comparable to chess) competitively and won some cash and trips with that.

After my life took a few unexpected turns I started trying to make sense of the resulting chaos and confusion by expressing what I was feeling. I started writing it down: it allows me to keep my head clear. Being able to clearly express what you are going through is a very valuable skill and it allows others to relate. It is why I have this blog right now.

I also used to play World of Warcraft, which taught me a lot about building a good community and being a leader. I made some friends for life there and have some fond memories about it.

I am enjoying the conversation and the food. She is insightful and clearly also enjoying herself. I really like communal dishes because they literally make you share a meal. Not that there wasn’t plenty of food: that Tajine would easily have served three.

She insists on getting a Baklava for dessert. I already ate too much but I can never pass up an opportunity to try something new. So we order that and continue our conversation. When the dessert arrives it turns out to be a kind of dough thing dunked in honey and sugar. It tastes incredibly sweet, a bit too much even for my taste. I did not even know that was possible. Definitely an interesting experience.

The topic drifts all over the place after that. We chat about relationships and role playing games. We ask for the bill and then forget it is there, both of us lost in conversation. We clearly are not done talking and decide to go for drinks after. I remember drinking a Pina Colada but I do not remember a lot of specifics about our conversation after that. I vaguely recall trading some amusing stories and anecdotes and trying to impress her with my math skills. It certainly was a load of fun.


Toeareg: Morrocan cuisine in Leuven ( Tajine chicken Touareg plus Baklava as dessert and drinks was about 30€. It was quite nice. I really enjoy this type of cuisine. Only get the Baklava if you are really into sweetness.


Entreprise: I know I have been here before. The other places we tried were full. We had some nice cocktails. This place also has awesome tapas, I might end up here for food at some point.

I forgot to take a picture, sorry. I was too engrossed in our conversation.. That probably means it was a good date!


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