Date 6!

As I am waiting for my date to arrive, I have some time to think about the 30 dates project. A few weeks ago I decided that I needed to put in more effort and go for two dates a week. The rules were also written with that in mind: one date was the absolute minimum.

It is getting harder to find dates though. I might need to devote more time to trying out new things and meeting new people if I want to keep it up. Finding new hobbies for the purpose of finding dates strikes me as silly and a bit sad. On the other hand: pushing my boundaries and trying new things is pretty much the point of this whole project. It is working exactly as intended. I decide that I want to write a “looking back” post after ten dates.

She arrives and we head over to the restaurant. As we are deciding what food we want, she starts talking. There is no need to break the ice. She opens up and starts talking about herself immediately, a good way to cope with any nervosity that comes from meeting a relative stranger for dinner. I know this because it is what I usually do myself to put my dates at ease. It is nice change of pace to have her do it instead.

I mention that I had a rough weekend and she asks me about it. There is this woman I like and I was hoping it could turn into something. On Friday she had invited me over for dinner and I had been looking forward to that. Unfortunately when I got there I received the “let’s just be friends” speech. With my evening suddenly free of plans, I decided to go out in Leuven and of course I ran into the ex I have been trying to avoid. Not quite the evening I had hoped for.

At least Saturday was better. I went to Dancing against Cancer, an awesome initiative that included a really nice party. I got to see lots of old friends again. Several people mentioned they were reading the date reports. It definitely is nice get some positive reactions. When writing posts it is just me and a screen: putting myself out there like that is scary.

We discuss the project some more and we talk about relationships and stress. She keeps asking me questions, trying to find out what I think, how I think. She is clearly and empathic person who cares about others and tries to see everyone’s point of view. We are not done talking after the meal and decide to go for drinks. We have been talking about my life for quite a while and I change the topic. I do not want the conversation to be about me all evening. So I turn the tables on her ask her about her life.

It turns out she had quite an interesting one so far. She spent a lot of time working abroad and only recently returned to Belgium. We talk a bit about the differences in mindset in other countries and about adjusting when you move out of Belgium, or when you move back here. We keep talking go and get more drinks. She is a lot of fun to talk to and I am enjoying the conversation.

After a couple of hours the stress and subsequent lack of sleep are getting to me. Yesterday’s party and the workout earlier today are not helping matters either. I feel exhausted and drained so I decide to call it a night.

Activity: Mexican food! We went to New Mexico (Munstraat), I had the Fiesta Mexicana, €22. The food was very tasty and the service was okay. We were sitting right next to the blender so I kept hoping no one would order any cocktails. Serves me right for not making a reservation.



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