Third date

This is the third date. I should be getting used to this by now. I am still nervous when I go out to meet her.

I am tired after a stressful week. She has told me that she was feeling like that too, lots of things happened. As I get to the sushi restaurant, I hope that I can overcome the fatigue and enjoy the evening.

We arrive at the restaurant at the same time. We quickly decide on appetisers and the traditional boat and start talking. I have plenty of experience with breaking the ice by now, so I prefer to move past the casual talk as fast as possible. It requires little effort, she seems to be at ease from the start.

We discuss that and she tells me that she recently decided to be a more open person. It shows. She speaks with newfound joy and confidence, the kind you develop when you push past your own self-imposed limitations. She tells me more about it and I can definitely relate. This whole 30 date project was intended to push my boundaries too. Without it I would probably would not be out here right now, enjoying a lovely meal with her.

We talk about our lives, relationships, dating in general and how it is different for men and women. The conversation flows well and the food is exquisite. This really is the best sushi place in town. It is a pity I will not be able to take another date here.

I have quite a few stories about pushing past my own boundaries and I entertain her with some of those. She comes across as someone who was stuck in place for far too long, and finally has broken free. Her resulting excitement and bubbliness are contagious. I am really enjoying her company. We finish the food and forget to leave, we just sit there and talk.

We seem to have a whole lot in common. Neither of us wants to go home, so we decide to go for drinks. We take a detour to the Blauwe Kater but end up at Mattiz for cocktails. Technically that is against the rules for me: I went there before on the previous date. But the sushi was new, so I decide I can bend the rules a bit. Just this once.

I just really like cocktails, okay?

We talk more and we connect over the many things we have in common. Both of us are going through crazy and exciting (and stressful) times right now. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. After a few drinks we call it a night and she hugs me. I no longer feel tired and worn out.

This was another lovely night. I am looking forward to the next one!

Activitity details:

Sushi at Sushi Leuven: Tiensestraat 28. (around €25-€30) They have high quality food and friendly staff. We had the Gyosa as starter and they were amazing. You should definitely try them.


Cocktails at Mattiz: yes, again. They have a huge selection of cocktails and overall a nice atmosphere.


5 thoughts on “Third date

  1. In the rules you state: “I can not repeat the same activity”…

    You had dinner three times already, maybe you could do some other activity as a date? I think this would be more of a challenge and will help you push the boundaries of your comfort zone.


  2. To be honest, the food dates are really working for me. I find it a lot easier to have a conversation and get to know one another when you are eating together and have your partner’s full attention. I try to keep it fresh by trying different cuisines (traditional, Ethiopian, Sushi so far, others are planned). I have been thinking of adding some fun activities to the mix. I will consider those.


    1. You write: “I find it a lot easier to have a conversation and get to know one another when you are eating together and have your partner’s full attention.”

      This could be the case for you, but avoid getting stuck in a pattern. Always try to push your boundaries and try to experiment. Because one activity works very well, you can not assume other ways to achieve the same thing do not work that good by default.
      Whenever you find something easy to do, it is time to go a step further and experiment with it.


  3. You seem to be missing the point of the challenge. I want to meet thirty new people, in a limited timeframe. It already takes quite a bit of effort to find this many new people that are willing to go on a date like this. It takes guts and initiative to get these dates. That is the main reason for the challenge, and it is where I push my boundaries. The activity itself is not important. I list them mainly for reference, and to give people ideas for their own dates.


  4. I understand your point of view and I reckon you are doing a good job! I was just wondering if you had other activities on your list except the usual ‘have dinner and drink something afterwards’. Looking forward to read about your 4th date!


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